How To Make Vintage Recipes That Will Create Lasting Memories

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Vintage recipes will help you create lasting memories?

Well, that’s a big promise.

So Judy if I bake your vintage chocolate cake recipe, that’s a throwback from the 1950’s I’ll remember it forever?

Or whip up a grasshopper pie that was really popular in the 60’s?

I believe you will.

We’re going to talk about vintage desserts specifically, both no bake and vintage baking recipes.

Think old school dessert recipes, ok?

So what is a vintage recipe anyway?

To me vintage recipes are what your Mom and Grandma used to make. Vintage desserts like Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake or Lemon Freeze Dessert.

Recipes that were popular in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Wiki says that anything that is 20 years old or more is vintage – so that leaves lots of room for the 90s and 2000s!

I think vintage means different things to each of us, and where your own personal frame of reference comes from.

Like how old you are!

Remember seeing a recipe box like this?

hand written recipe cards in vintage recipe box

Is vintage the same as retro?

When it comes to food, popular culture says yes, they are interchangeable. But in the world of fashion, vintage clothing and retro clothing are absolutely different!

Vintage desserts can include magic cookie bars, rice krispie squares or blueberry cheesecake!

How do I create lasting memories?

I’m so glad you asked!

It’s really very easy.

Think back to a favorite family gathering, like Thanksgiving, or Christmas? Maybe the annual picnic for the 4th of July or Canada Day.

There is always a dish that everyone remembers or asks for. Maybe it’s Grandma’s coleslaw, or Aunt Betty’s Ranger Cookies.

I’m always asked to bring one thing — can you guess what it is?


My food memories or food nostalgia I like to call it include my Mom’s raspberry dream bars, and my Grandma’s honey tarts.

I’m sure right now you know exactly what foods your family asks for over and over because a) they love it and b) the memories that seeing and eating that food creates.

retro yellow recipe box with hand written recipe cards, 6 small images of vintage recipes, cakes, squares, cookies and pie

What do you think?

So here is collection of wonderful, easy desserts that are vintage or retro – whatever you choose to call them.

Please let me know which ones are your faves and I always love to see pics of what you’ve made!


More Vintage Recipes!

Vintage desserts from the 50s, 60s and 70s that are fun to make, taste delicious and great for parties, picnics & potlucks. All tried and true favorites that will help you create lasting memories.

More reader favorites…

More recipes to enjoy!

We all love EASY right?

These recipes will put a smile on everyone's faces!

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Judy Kahansky is an experienced writer and baker, creating delicious desserts (including pie!) for over 40 years. She loves to take classic and vintage recipes and update them to fit the busy lives of her readers. When not baking, Judy and her husband Mark are passionate golfers, travelers and dog lovers, spending as much time as they can with their sweet pup Millie.

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