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13 X 9 Baking | 33 Recipes You Can’t Live Without!

You know that cake pan in the bottom of your oven drawer?  Or the one that you broil chicken in?  Or the one that you use to hold plants on the window sill?  We use our 13 x 9 pan to make a delicious breakfast.  Our French Toast Souffle for Two is always a winner! 

Well that little unassuming baking pan is about to make your life a whole lot easier!  Yep.  We’re talking about 33 of the most amazing sweet and savory recipes from the some of the very best bloggers in the world!  Right here!

We’ve got lots of great recipe roundup for you to explore!  Like our 21 Perfect Pies Recipes.  Yep, 21 amazing pie recipes from the very best bloggers.  Or how about our 50 Instant Pot Recipes for the Holidays?

13 x 9 recipes, 8 images of desserts and mains

We have raspberry pie dream bars, cookie bars, pies, cakes, vegetarian, vegan, pizza,  chicken, beef, apple – well you name it and it is here.   There is even a Coca-Cola Cake!  Great recipes you can make for dinner tonight – or make ahead and freeze.

maple sugar toffee squares cut and spread on a grey striped tea towle

Maple Fudge Toffee Bars ~

What about a 13 X 9 Baking Party with your friends?

This is such an amazing collection of recipes.  33 Recipes to be exact!  Just click the link and a new window will pop up so that you can see the recipe and the wonderful photos that these Bloggers have prepared.  Just for you.

Raspberry Pie Dream Bars 

Raspberry Pie Dream Bars. A classic 13 X 9 pan recipe with a twist. You will love how easy these pie bars are to make with just a few ingredients!

Textbook Fudgy Brownies

Textbook Fudgy Brownies ~

Birthday Cake Rice Krispie Treats


Birthday Cake Cereal Marshmallow Treats ~

Pine Nut Rosemary Apple Butter Cake

Apple Cake

Apple Cake Recipe with Cinnamon and Pine Nuts ~

Super Easy Baked Chicken Thighs


Super Easy Baked Chicken Thighs ~

Maple Fudge Toffee Bars

A chewy chocolate toffee bar smothered in yummy Maple Fudge! An easy no-bake maple fudge recipe that will disappear right before your eyes! Guaranteed!

Baked Spaghetti Squash Mac n Cheese


Baked Spaghetti Squash Mac N Cheese ~applesforCJ

Cherry Lattice Coffee Cake

Piece of Cherry Lattice Coffee Cake close up with coffee cake on a tray in the background

Cherry Lattice Coffee Cake ~


5 Ingredient Baked Tortellini Casserole

13 X 9 Baking Recipes. The easiest way to bake we're talking about 33 of the most amazing sweet and savory recipes from the some of the very best bloggers!

Five Ingredient Baked Tortellini Casserole ~

Cranberry Clementine Coconut Bars


Cranberry Clementine Coconut Bar

Classic Oven Pot Roast

Classic Oven Pot Roast ~

Super Chocolately Coca Cola Cake

Super Chocolatey Coca Cola Cake ~

Blueberry Cheesecake Bars


Blueberry Cheesecake Bars ~

Old Fashioned Gingerbread

Old Fashioned Gingerbread ~

Potato and Fennel Baked Chicken Casserole

Potato and Fennel Baked Chicken ~

Cauliflower Gratin Recipe

Cauliflower Gratin

Cauliflower Gratin


Bananas Foster French Toast Casserole

Bananas Foster on a white plate

Bananas Foster French Toast ~

Chocolate Sheet Cake


Chocolate Sheet Cake ~

Easy Truffle Roasted Low Carb Veggies

Easy Truffle Roasted Low Carb Veggies ~

Health Cinnamon Sweet Potato Rolls

Healthy Cinnamon Sweet Potato Rolls ~

French Onion Pasta Bake


French Onion Pasta Bake ~

Spinach Artichoke Chicken Casserole

Spinach Artichoke Chicken Casserole ~

Pumpkin Croissant Breakfast Bake

Pumpkin Croissant Breakfast Bake ~

Spaghetti and Garlic Bread Bake Recipe

Spaghetti and Garlic Bread Bake ~

Two Potato Gratin with Herbs and Goat Cheese

Two Potato Gratin with Herbs and Goat Cheese ~

Chai Spiced Maple Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Chai Spiced Maple Pumpkin Bread Pudding ~

Easy Pizza Sliders


Easy Pizza Sliders ~

Carnitas Casserole

Carnitas Verde Casserole

Carnitas Casserole ~

Greek Vegan Moussaka Gluten Free


Greek Vegan Moussaka Gluten Free ~

No Bake Eclair Cake


Eclair Cake ~

Hot Chocolate Dump Cake Recipe

Hot Chocolate Dump Cake ~

Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken Enchilada close up topped with green onions and chopped tomatoes

Chicken Enchiladas ~

No Bake Chocolate Coco Pumpkin Bars

No Bake Chocolate Coco Pumpkin Bars~

I hope you enjoy these 13 x 9 baking recipes as much as I have putting this roundup post together!


Hi there, I'm Judy, it's awesome to meet you! I'm a writer, master pie baker and I've been helping people reach their personal and career goals for over 30 years.   I believe everyone should experience the joy of creating old fashioned recipes, just like Mom or Grandma used to make. And I also help you to create those memories for you and your family with Simple, Delicious, Wholesome recipes that you can learn to make. We also help you discover that Simple Living isn't just a concept.  It's a state of mind. Comforting food and Simple Living. It's all here. You can read more on my About page!

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Tuesday 14th of February 2017

Fantastic collection! Pinned a few to try. Thanks for including my bake chicken thighs :) Off to share ♥


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Monday 13th of February 2017

Well I certainly need more 9 X 13-inch baking pans. ;-) This post is delicious! Thank you for linking to my Chai Pumpkin Bread Pudding.

Judy Kahansky

Monday 13th of February 2017

Hi Valentina! Yes you can never have too many pans. LOL. You are welcome. xo

Liz @ Ready to Yumble

Monday 9th of January 2017

Thanks for including our coffee cake! Love all these recipes!


Tuesday 10th of January 2017

Hi Liz, you are most welcome! It's a great recipe and post. I love coffee cake. :)

Sophia | Veggies Don't Bite

Sunday 8th of January 2017

Thank you so much for including my Moussaka recipe! I want to dive head first into this roundup!


Sunday 8th of January 2017

Hey thank you for such a great recipe Sophia! We're getting some good traffic too... :)


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Love all these recipes! Thank you for sharing my Carnitas Casserole. :-)


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