Judy Kahansky in Rome, Italy

Hi there, I’m Judy.

I love to bake and write.  I’ve been a writer all of my life, writing short stories and poems as a child, then a teenager and finally as an adult.  I’ve been modestly published here and there. 

As a stepmom, I wrote about the challenges of being in a stepfamily. Working in an office I’ve written everything from reports, white papers, press releases, and strategic plans.   

As a woman, living in the 21st century I write in my journal.  I’ve done this daily for over 30 years.  In my journal I share all of my secrets, my joys, my darkest days, my saddest hours.  It’s all there, and just for me.  I’m a big believer in journaling and using it as a form of meditation.

In addition to being a writer I’m a baker and have been creating delicious desserts – including pies – for over forty years.  I grew up in a family where women created delicious food in their kitchens, gathering the family on a fairly regular basis to celebrate, and often for no special reason.  What I mean by that is, it didn’t have to be a particular holiday or event. 

follow along

But it was often on the weekend, usually a Sunday and the preparation of the meal, that of course included a special dessert was just as important as eating it.  My mom worked outside the home, so I wasn’t one of those kids who came home to milk and cookies every day.  More like roast beef and roast chicken with a old fashioned chocolate cake or a pumpkin pie every weekend.

This was how we lived, what we knew.  We didn’t rush to eat dinner and run out the door or pick up our smart phones.  We talked and laughed, passed the food, passed our comments, and passed around love.  When I think back to that time now, my parents were teaching us how to create memories with food, using the ritual of family dinner to bring their offspring close, and keep them closer.

Remembering those times now makes me feel warm, and blessed, a little sad because they are both no longer with us, but full of gratitude because they were. 

THIS, is what I want for you.

So how did I arrive at this point in time?  Of deciding to write a blog and share it with the world?  Well I love to write and I love to bake.  I especially love baking Easy Desserts and Vintage Recipes. And I’ve been blessed with an amazing joy filled life.  Suddenly sharing all of these things became important.  Important enough to write about them, share them with you, to help you find that Joy.

I believe everyone should experience the joy of creating old fashioned recipes, just like Mom or Grandma used to make. And I’ll  help you to create those memories for you and your family with Simple, Delicious, Wholesome recipes that you can learn to make. So if you are here for the recipes I thank you.  We have lots of wonderful old fashioned recipes to share.  If you are here for a simpler way of life, I thank you too, and look forward to sharing that journey with you.  And if you are here for both, well that’s just amazing! Group hug I think!

I hope you spend some time here at Pie Lady Bakes, with me, and Mark and our dog Millie.  And maybe drop me a note from time to time.  I love to get email.  Seriously I do, but just from you.

Best xo

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