How Many Servings in a 9 Inch Pie?

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How many servings in a 9 inch pie? You might think that’s an obvious answer and not one worth writing about right?

We’re going to do a little investigating here so that the next time you are asked to contribute to a potluck for so many people, and you want to bake a pie, you’ll know exactly how many pies you will need based on the number of servings!

I remember when I started baking my Mom had a recipe for her amazing pumpkin pie filling that said at the end of the recipe card “makes one deep dish and 2 nine inch pies”

What did that mean? What is a deep dish pie plate? And how many people would I be able to serve?

And what about slab pies, how many hungry folks can you feed with one of those?

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All really good questions. When you are planning a dinner, picnic or potluck, it’s good to know how many slices of pie you will get. And we’re only looking at dessert pies or meat pies (like chicken pot pies) not pizza pies. That’s a whole different conversation!

Types of pie pans

There are many different types of pie pans, and the most popular ones are metal, aluminum foil, glass and ceramic. I think the type of pie pan you bake with is really just personal preference. If I’m taking a pie to a potluck or picnic I usually use foil, so that I don’t have to worry about bringing it home.

For some reason I tend to use glass (pyrex) pie dishes a lot, but again that’s just my personal choice. I find I get the best results using a glass conventional 9-inch pie pan. There’s nothing better than serving that perfect slice of pie that the bottom crust doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan!

Standard pie pans

The standard pie pan is typically nine inches and perfect for a dessert pie. 9-inch pies are often the standard size you see in the bakery section of your favorite grocery store.

For argument’s sake you could get four very generous slices, six regular slices, maybe two enormous slices! Some folks might eat the entire pie! But people today tend to eat smaller amounts of dessert so you should be able to get 6-8 slices of pie from a standard pie pan.

Deep Dish Pie Pans

I think deep dish pie pans did originate with a deep dish pizza! Deep-dish pie pans can be 10 inches or 12 inches and they’re great for fruit pies including apple pie – any type of pie really. You can usually serve 8 to 10 good slices from a deep dish pie pan. A deep dish pie pan is always a good choice for a potluck or picnic.

Specialty pie pans

Now we’ve talked about standard-depth pie pans, what about small pies? There are many variations for small pies with a bottom crust. Mini pie pans, tart pans, and a springform pan can be used for baking pies.

What about slab pies?

If your pie recipe is for a slab pie then you are in for a treat! I think baking a slab pie is lots of fun, doesn’t require a fussy pie crust and is a great choice for fruit or custard pies, usually pies that have a dense filling. Slab Pies can be baked on a cookie sheet.


How do I properly serve a slice of pie?

Using a serrated knife firmly cut into the pie, and create the number of slices you need based on the size of the pie.

How many pieces of pie do I have to serve – what’s the best way to calculate?

When I was working in our family catering business, I was in charge of the pie baking! I would always calculate 1 1/2 pieces of pie per person and the multiply it by the number of people. Why did I do that? I found that when guests were faced with a choice of pies, like my amazing strawberry pies or a pumpkin pie, then they would want half and half.

Of course these were party serving amounts, usually a wedding reception or a banquet.

Using the chart below you can easily calculate the following when you know the size of pie you are making.

How many 9 inch pies do I need?

  • How much pie do I need for 12 people? = 12 people X 1.5 = 18 pieces of pie or 3 pies
  • How much pie do I need for 15 people? = 15 people X 1.5 = 22.5 pieces of pie or 3.75 pies
  • How much pie do I need for 25 people? = 25 people X 1.5 = 37.5 pieces of pie or 6.25 pies
  • How many pies do I need for 30 people? = 30 people X 1.5 = 45 pieces of pie or 7.5 pies

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