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Easy Desserts | 21 Sweet & Simple Recipes That Won’t Keep You In the Kitchen All Day

Sometimes you crave something sweet, and there is absolutely nothing in the fridge or cupboards that will fix it.

You want something delectable, creamy, crunchy and sinfully delicious.

I know. I’ve got you.

That’s what our collection of easy desserts recipes is all about.

No fussy recipe instructions.

Or crazy ingredients that you have to search for.


All of the ingredients in these recipes you can get at your local grocer, or even better, your very own baker’s pantry.

You love easy right?

We all do!

So when it comes to dessert, we want the easiest dessert recipes.

Easy Desserts that will feed a crowd, easy desserts that are quick to make, well you get the idea.


More easy desserts to enjoy!

Thanks so much for spending time with me today. I really hope you’ve enjoy our collection of Easy Desserts and that you are busy in your kitchen as we speak whipping up your fave!

Please be sure to share what recipe you made, loved the most, and I always love to photos of your desserts.

Please pin it for later….

Our Top 10 Reader Faves!

Our Top 10 Reader Favorites!

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Hi there, I'm Judy, it's awesome to meet you! I'm a writer, master pie baker and I've been helping people reach their personal and career goals for over 30 years.   I believe everyone should experience the joy of creating old fashioned recipes, just like Mom or Grandma used to make. And I also help you to create those memories for you and your family with Simple, Delicious, Wholesome recipes that you can learn to make. We also help you discover that Simple Living isn't just a concept.  It's a state of mind. Comforting food and Simple Living. It's all here. You can read more on my About page!

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