Gummy Worm Treats You Can Make With Your Kids

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These Gummy Worm Treats are the perfect activity you can do with your kids when they can’t get out of doors.  What about ideas for Spring Break?  Baking with children creates wonderful memories for you and them.  And listen, who doesn’t love rice krispie squares and gummy worms?  A match made in heaven right?

Now if you’ve been following my recipes, you know that I’m a big fan of keeping a Baker’s Pantry fully stocked for days like this.  Did you miss it?

Not to worry, you really only need a few ingredients.  Making these gummy worm treats will take about 20 minutes to put together with your kids (less if you do it yourself, but there’s no fun in that right?) By giving them the opportunity you will create a memory that will last a lifetime.

This post was originally published on February 4, 2017 and updated January 9, 2019. 

You will need: gummy worms, crisp dry cereal (rice krispies) mini marshmallows, butter, semi-sweet mini chocolate chips, reese’s mini peanut butter cups, 13 x 9 baking pan 

rice krispie treats with chocolate icing on a white plate with gummy worms on top, on a red and white checked cloth


I love baking with children.  They are so inquisitive, have boundless energy and it gives me a chance to share my passion with them.   I first started with my oldest grandson, Nathan.

We would make pancakes together when he came for a sleepover.  Then that graduated to other recipes.  He’s 20 now, and I’m hopeful he still knows how to make pancakes!

You can keep all of the ingredients for gummy worm treats on hand in your pantry, for when that day arrives.

You know that day?  When the kids (or grandkids) are laying around, and the dreaded comment “I’m bored” is spoken every 5 minutes?

Now I know you might be thinking, “I don’t have time for this.”  But if I could gently suggest that you take the time – it really is only a few minutes, the memories you will help to create will last forever.

I still remember the first gingerbread house I made with my daughter Kris.  She decorated it with pink and purple candies!  She was so proud and to this day, makes gingerbread houses with her two younger children every year.

gummy worm treats with chocolate icing topped with gummy worms on a white plate on top of red white checked cloth


  • Allow yourself and the kids plenty of time to make and decorate your treats.
  • Making the cereal treats (rice krispie squares) will probably need some assistance from Mom or Dad, Grandma or Grandpa – but then I usually just let the kids go when it comes to decorating.
  • On this gummy worm treats recipe, I smooth a package of melted chocolate chips on top.  You know, you really can never have too much chocolate.  LOL.
  • If Gummy Worms aren’t a favorite, then by all means, add other special treats – the possibilities are endless.


I am a huge fan of Wilton Baking pans and this 13 X 9 pan is no exception!  It’s perfect to travel with.

I also think these Gummy Worms are the bomb!


Looking for recipes to make with your kids?  Our Easy Hand Pies – Just 3 Ingredients, is another popular recipe on the site.  You could say that they are copycat Pop Tarts and so easy for young cooks or bakers! 🙂 And if you would like a free printable shopping list on how to set up a Baker’s Pantry, just click the link!

plate full of rice krispie treats, gummy worms, and two small milk bottles with milk and red straws


These Gummy Worm Cereal Treats are so easy and fun to make.   You don’t even have to turn the stove on!  Just microwave everything and mix it up.  The fun part happens when it’s time to mix things up, add some chocolate or sugary candies, like gummy worms! Take some pictures and share too.  I would love to see the marvelous creations that result!

Baking with your children is pure magic.

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gummy worm treats with chocolate icing topped with gummy worms on a white plate on top of red white checked cloth

Gummy Worm Treats You Can Make With Your Kids

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Calories 174 kcal


  • 13 X 9 baking pan
  • 6 cups crispy rice cereal
  • 5 cups mini marshmallows
  • 1/4 cup unsalted butter
  • 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 2 cups of gummy worms in assorted colors
  • chocolate bits to add - optional – I used mini peanut butter cups!


  • Grease the 13 X 9 pan
  • Spread the mini peanut butter cups on the bottom of the pan
  • In a microwavable bowl, heat the butter and marshmallows on high for 1 minute
  • Take it out and stir and reheat if necessary until both are melted
  • Transfer the mixture to a very large mixing bowl
  • Stir in the crispy rice cereal until it is all coated
  • Spread the mixture into the pan until the chocolate covered bottom is coated and make sure you push it into the corners
  • In a medium microwave safe bowl, place the chocolate chips and microwave on high for 1 minute
  • Stir well to make sure the chocolate is completely melted
  • Spread all over the top of the crispy cereal treats mixture
  • Let cool
  • Bring on the gummy worms!
  • Let the kids place whichever way they want
  • Cover the treats and set aside until firm
  • Cut into squares and enjoy!


Serving: 1g | Calories: 174kcal | Carbohydrates: 34g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 4g | Saturated Fat: 3g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 2g | Cholesterol: 5mg | Sodium: 53mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 20g

These are estimated values generated from a nutritional database using unbranded products. Please do your own research with the products you’re using if you have a serious health issue or are following a specific diet.

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chocolate iced marshmallow treats, topped with gummy worms on a white plate, red and white checked cloth and two bottles of milk with straws in the background

Everyone will love these Gummy Worm Cereal Treats!

chocolate iced marshmallow treats, topped with gummy worms on a white plate, red and white checked cloth and two bottles of milk with straws in the background



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