DIY Homemade Food Gifts

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Homemade Food Gifts are a wonderful way to share the love!

Usually around the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, we often see beautifully photographed articles in my favorite magazines about food and baking gifts you can create to give to friends and family.

A popular theme at kitchen showers these days is to share recipes with the Bride-to-be.  There are some adorable printable recipe cards online that help you do just that.  

So in doing my research and wanting to create the perfect blog post for you, I decided to take this idea one step further.  To actually create the perfect homemade food gift – it could be a delicious Chocolate Cake, a mouthwatering Cheesecake or a fresh batch of your favorite cookies.

This post was originally published in October 2017, and updated December 22, 2019.

I’m always on the lookout for a unique way to combine my love of baking and creativity to come up with a gift that keeps on giving.  By now the word is out – my passion for baking and pies means that family and friends often ask for their favorite pie – and the recipe!

Give The Gift of Pie!

I wanted to share how I wrap a pie as a homemade food gift with you! Kind of like DIY meets Baking!

What is it?  Well I bake a pie, place it in a beautiful pie dish or plate, add a pie server, print out the recipe and wrap it all up in a bow – I like to use raffia, it has a homespun, but elegant look.

I usually have a fairly good inventory of pie plates and pie servers since I love to haunt antique shops and flea markets.  This is helpful because often you don’t have a lot of time to put a homemade food gift together.

If you know the person receiving the gift, this part is easy, you can put together a pie plate and server fairly easily.  But even if you don’t, I typically choose a combination that I really like personally.  It hasn’t failed me yet!

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homemade food gifts, baking gifts, bridal shower, DIY, kitchen shower, pies make perfect gifts, the gift of pie

Next comes the pie.  Again, a bit of thought needs to happen here as to what type of pie you want to give.  If the event is close to home, perhaps an elegant lemon meringue – or mousse.

If you need to travel a bit – why not try  a delicious chocolate or pecan pie, something with a fairly stable filling, that can be warmed by your host/hostess – or popped into the freezer, so that he or she can enjoy it another day!

The final touch is the recipe.

I just love the look of these beautiful calligraphy recipe cards and I hope you do too.

They are free for you!

There are so many events where you could share your delicious homemade food gift.  Some ideas are:

  • Kitchen Shower
  • Holiday Gifts like Christmas
  • Hostess Gift
  • Pot Luck
  • School or Charity Bake Sale

Homemade Food Gifts

Everyone loves to receive a special homemade gift from the kitchen, but have you tried to make your own delicious food gifts? You'll be surprised at how easy it really is! And the crowd will go wild.....

You can be sure that your homemade food gifts idea will be happily received and talked about for some time.


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Judy Kahansky is an experienced writer and baker, creating delicious desserts (including pie!) for over 40 years. She loves to take classic and vintage recipes and update them to fit the busy lives of her readers. When not baking, Judy and her husband Mark are passionate golfers, travelers and dog lovers, spending as much time as they can with their sweet pup Millie.

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