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Simple Living is taking a step back and slowing down our lives. A big component of this on You Can Live Rich On Less is Homemaking and DIY projects. Similarly to our Lifestyle category, we look at DIY projects to improve your quality of life, but still have fun doing them! There is a sense of real satisfaction when you can point to something and say “I did that!”.
Living Small requires a certain amount of organization and decluttering. I’m a clutter bug! So we discuss some great ideas on how to live comfortably within a small space, and not be overwhelmed with stuff! Cause we all have stuff, right?
Homemaking or Home Arts is thankfully making a comeback. It never really went away, but when you’re embracing simple living, you will have more time to explore such things as How To Make perfect flaky pie crust.
We share amazing baking tips, how to setup your pantry and even making delicious homemade food gifts to give to family and friends.
Want to organize a party? We’ve got some great party planners for a football party and also a weekend BBQ with more to come.