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The Best Apple Dessert Recipes

Our best apple dessert recipes just for you. 

Apple Crisp, Apple Cake, Coffee Cake, a No Bake Lasagna, and Apple Pie and Tarts that are quick and easy for you to make and share with family and friends. 

What can I make with a bunch of apples?

Just about anything! Apples are often used in savory and sweet recipes.  Apples are not only healthy to eat, but they’re budget friendly and almost always on sale!

You can really save time, by making a batch of our Freezer Apple Pie Filling too!

And there are so many varieties.

Now most apples are red with a few exceptions, but this list of Red Apple Desserts will keep you busy baking:

apple galette on a wooden board & parchment paper sprinkled in sugar text reads best apple dessert recipes for you to make

Get the idea?

chart of different varieties of apples

I also thought it would be helpful to include an Apple Dessert Recipe FAQ to help you in choosing the varieties of apples you want to bake with. 


What is a Dessert Apple?

A dessert apple is typically one that you eat fresh, and not cooked or baked.  There was a time when only apples like Spy, or yellow flesh apples were used for baking apple desserts.

We are so lucky now that there are hundreds of varieties of apples to choose from! I always recommend that you mix it up and choose at least two varieties for your apple dessert recipes. 

What are Red Delicious apples best used for?

Red delicious apples are usually chosen for eating raw, but I really like to use one or two, in recipes, especially when baking Apple Pie or cooking up a batch of homemade applesauce.

Can I eat a cooking apple raw?

Of course! There are so many varieties, like Empire, Cortland, Gala and the classics like Red Delicious. 

What apples are not good for baking?

I think all apples are good for baking – but some do have a higher water content than others.  That’s why I always recommend combining varieties.

We don’t want a soggy apple pie right? 

Granny Smith is a dessert apple and a great cooking apple too.  


What is the easiest dessert to make from scratch?

Hands down, Apple Crisp is the easiest dessert to make from scratch.  Only a few ingredients and a little effort equals the most delicious dessert.

And it makes your home smell wonderful while it’s baking! 

What is the best apple for Apple Crisp?

I really like McIntosh mixed with Granny Smith for a sweet and slightly tart Apple Crisp.  The great thing about apple dessert recipes is that there is no hard and fast rule.

Experiment and see what combinations of apples you like the best!

Can I freeze apples? 

You bet!  A minor downside to baking with apples and creating wonderful apple dessert recipes is the peeling, coring and slicing that needs to happen.

 I often prepare an entire bag of apples at once, then I freeze what I’m not going to use for the next time.

It’s then really easy to whip up a batch of Apple Muffins or Apple Crisp. Especially on those cold winter days when you are craving a cozy and yummy apple dessert. 

What are Paula Red apples good for?

I love to bake with Paula Red apples! They are best when cooked by themselves in homemade applesauce because the flesh breaks down very quickly.

I often combine Paula Red apples with Empire, or Granny Smith when baking an apple pie.  My favourite paula red apple pie recipe is one my Mom baked and it’s a treasure for sure. 

Is there a no bake apple dessert recipe

Absolutely! We just love our Apple Pie Cheesecake Lasagna and we know you will love it too! 

Do Gala apples make good pies?

Yes they do! I often combine Gala apples with McIntosh or Paula Red for a delicious fruit pie. 

Create memories….

Create memories with your family and plan a day of apple picking at your local orchard, and then enjoy a cozy afternoon creating some apple harvest magic. Enjoy. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and would appreciate a 5 star rating if you did!

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