35 Scrumptious Bakery Style Muffin Ideas to Inspire Your Baking

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What’s a Bakery Style Muffin? They are tall, with golden domes and perfectly moist centers, just like you would normally get at your favorite local bakery.

But what if I told you that you could bring that bakery magic into your own kitchen?

In this roundup of recipes from the very best bloggers, we’re diving into the secrets of making bakery-style muffins that rival even the best in town.

From tips on achieving that coveted rise to recipes bursting with flavor, get ready to bake muffins that will have everyone asking, “Which bakery did these come from?”

Let’s get started on your journey to muffin perfection!

A collage of various bakery-style muffins including blueberry, lemon poppy seed, almond glaze, and more. Some are placed on racks, others in colorful wrappers. Text: "bakery style muffins.

Tips for Making The Best Bakery Style Muffins

These tips will ensure your muffins rise to the occasion, every time:

  • Use High-Quality Ingredients: Start with the best ingredients you can find. Fresh, high-quality flour, butter, eggs, and flavorings make a noticeable difference in taste and texture.
  • Room Temperature Ingredients: Ensure your eggs, butter, and dairy products are at room temperature before mixing. This helps create a smoother batter and promotes even baking.
  • Don’t Overmix the Batter: Mix your batter until the ingredients are just combined. Overmixing can lead to dense, tough muffins instead of light and fluffy ones.
A collage featuring various muffins: top left shows a chocolate chip muffin, top right a green muffin, bottom left a chocolate-swirled muffin, and bottom right four glazed muffins with almond slices.
  • Use Buttermilk or Sour Cream: Adding buttermilk or sour cream to your batter adds moisture and a slight tang, resulting in a tender crumb and rich flavor.
  • Fill the Muffin Tins Generously: Fill your muffin cups almost to the top to achieve those beautifully domed tops. Bakery-style muffins are often larger and more indulgent.
  • Add a Streusel Topping: For extra texture and sweetness, top your muffins with a streusel made from flour, sugar, butter, and a pinch of cinnamon. It adds a delightful crunch.

  • Let the Batter Rest: Allow your batter to rest for 15-30 minutes before baking. This helps the flour fully hydrate and the baking powder to activate, leading to better rise and texture.
  • Preheat Your Oven Properly: Ensure your oven is fully preheated to the correct temperature before baking. Starting with a hot oven helps muffins rise quickly for that perfect dome.
  • Bake at a High Temperature Initially: Begin baking at a higher temperature (about 425°F) for the first 5-7 minutes, then lower to the recipe’s suggested temperature. This helps create a tall, bakery-style muffin top.
A collage shows various bakery-style muffins, featuring one assortment with a nut topping. The text reads: "35 of the very best bakery style muffin recipes. These muffins are just so good!.
  • Use a Light-Colored Muffin Tin: Light-colored tins distribute heat more evenly, preventing over-browning. For even better results, use a muffin liner to keep your muffins from sticking and maintain their shape.
  • Add Mix-Ins Carefully: Fold in any mix-ins like berries, nuts, or chocolate chips gently and evenly to avoid overmixing the batter and ensure each muffin has a good distribution of goodies.
  • Cool Properly: Allow muffins to cool in the tin for a few minutes before transferring them to a wire rack. This helps them set and prevents them from becoming soggy.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to bake muffins at home that are just as delicious and impressive as those from your favorite bakery!

35 Bakery Style Muffin Recipes

A chocolate chip muffin with a golden-brown top sits on an opened pink polka dot wrapper, with blurred green and purple muffin wrappers in the background.

                               Photo: pieladybakes

Bakery-style banana Chocolate Chip Muffins are one of the best ways to start your day. Packed with sweet bananas and chocolate chips, these homemade muffins are a mouthful of goodness.

An easy recipe to throw together, these banana muffins will quickly become your favorite thing for breakfast. And a great addition to your collection of muffin recipes.

Get the full recipe from Pie Lady Bakes

three muffins stacked, one with a bit out of it on a white napkin and checked placemat

                              Photo: pieladybakes

This blueberry muffin delivers the same amazing cake-like muffin, with loads of blueberries and just a little lemon zest.

The best part? These are skinny and low-sugar blueberry muffins, perfect for breakfast, snack whatever.

Get the full recipe from Pie Lady Bakes

Two pistachio muffins stacked on top of each other, sprinkled with coarse sugar, sit on a wooden surface with a jar of milk in the background.

                              Photo: thissillygirlskitchen

A fun, tasty, and flavorful breakfast, these Pistachio Muffins are perfectly flavored and remind me of our favorite bakery muffins. Easy, yummy, and a family favorite.

These Pistachio Muffins are one of my favorites. They are super flavorful, filled with that pistachio flavor that we all love. Then it is topped with decorator’s sugar that gives it a burst of sweetness.

Get the full recipe from This Silly Girls Kitchen

A close-up of several crumb-topped muffins on a white plate, accompanied by a whole peach and a mint sprig.

                             Photo: thissillygirlskitchen

Oh-so-irresistible, this Peach Muffin Recipe is bursting with peach flavor with a crunchy crumble topping. With bakery-style muffin tops, you cannot go wrong with this treat.

With simple ingredients and just 23 minutes of cooking time, you can have these on the table for breakfast, snacks, or even dessert.

Get the full recipe from This Silly Girls Kitchen

A plate of freshly baked blueberry muffins with a jug of milk and a container of blueberries in the background.

                             Photo: xoxobella

Jumbo bakery-style blueberry muffins are a great example of comfort food for breakfast or brunch. A super moist large muffin also makes a nice snack whenever you want something sweet.

You can use fresh or frozen blueberries to make jumbo bakery-style blueberry muffins. You will also need all-purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, egg, milk, and oil.

Get the full recipe from Xoxo Bella

Three chocolate chip muffins are stacked on top of each other on a white surface. A glass bottle of milk and a small container with chocolate chips are in the background.

                            Photo: vintagekitchennotes

Bakery-style muffins studded with chocolate chips and a soft crumb that will rise beautifully and make a great back-to-school snack and breakfast. 

You can use regular-sized tins or make jumbo muffins. They keep well and can be frozen.

Get the full recipe from Vintage Kitchen Notes

A cooling rack with six freshly baked muffins drizzled with white glaze. Some glaze has dripped off the muffins onto the rack. A bowl of glaze and a white cloth are next to the rack.

                           Photo: milkglasshome

If you love everything vanilla, these easy vanilla muffins are for you! Light and fluffy with a crispy muffin top, these are the best vanilla muffins!

They’re the perfect weight with a light, fluffy texture, a crunchy crumb topping, and a delicious vanilla scent you can’t help but crave.

Get the full recipe from Milk Glass Home

Collage of various muffins with the text "35 Bakery Style Muffin Recipes" in the center.
Close-up of two blueberry muffins with two more slightly out of focus in the background. The muffins have a golden-brown color and visible blueberries throughout.

                                             Photo: likehotketo

These are the best and fluffiest blueberry muffins ever, keto or non keto! Made in a blender for easy, foolproof, perfect muffins every time.

They are the HUGEST keto blueberry muffins, bakery style. Just one of these keto muffins is pretty much a meal, and probably enough to satisfy all your monster muffin munchies!

Get the full recipe from Like Hot Keto

Close-up of a glazed muffin with visible cranberry pieces, surrounded by fresh cranberries and rosemary sprigs on a wooden surface.

                                  Photo: dinneratthezoo

These light and tender cranberry muffins are filled with fresh berries and orange zest, then topped with streusel and a simple orange glaze.

These cranberry muffins taste like they came from a fancy bakery, but they’re super easy to make. One of my all-time favorite breakfast recipes!

Get the full recipe from Dinner At The Zoo

A cooling rack holds several blueberry muffins topped with crumbly streusel. Crumbs and scattered pieces of blueberries are visible on the table surface around the rack.

                                 Photo: cookingwithcurls

Moist, tender Bakery Style Blueberry Muffins bursting with ripe blueberries and topped with a crumbly almond streusel topping. 

The perfect sweet treat for breakfast, brunch, or afternoon snack! They are a dense muffin loaded with fresh,

Get the full recipe from Cooking With Curls

A vanilla cupcake with white icing and a blackberry on top, wrapped in parchment paper, placed on a gray surface.

                                Photo: cookingwithcurls

Bakery-style muffins studded with blackberries and topped with a lemon glaze, make these Blackberry Muffins with Lemon Glaze the perfect breakfast treat! 

The texture reminds me of a sponge cake, light, fluffy, and not overly sweet. They hold together really well and have just the right amount of blackberries, and the glaze. 

Get the full recipe from Cooking With Curls

Close-up of cinnamon muffins topped with white glaze, arranged on a surface. One muffin has a bite taken out, revealing a soft interior. Cinnamon sticks and brown sugar are in the background.

                               Photo: cambreabakes

You’ll love every bite of these easy-to-make cinnamon roll muffins! With no yeast or stand mixer, they feature everything you love about a classic cinnamon roll in muffin form.

With the same base as my bakery-style Nutella muffins, they are big in size, flavor, and texture.

Get the full recipe from Cambrea Bakes

Close-up image of a tray holding several chocolate chip muffins, each with a golden-brown top and swirls of melted chocolate. A white napkin is partially visible in the background.

                              Photo: cambreabakes

They are perfect for a sweet, on-the-go breakfast or as a dessert for brunch. If you have extra bananas on hand, you must try my banana donuts!

Banana Nutella muffins are the ultimate bakery-worthy breakfast treat. These are soft and moist banana muffins with a creamy Nutella center and swirled top!

Get the full recipe from Cambria Bakes

Close-up view of freshly baked blueberry muffins with golden tops and a dusting of sugar, placed on a ribbed baking tray.

                             Photo: theforkedspoon

The Best Blueberry Muffin Recipe Ever! these classic Homemade Bakery Blueberry Muffins.

Soft, fluffy, and filled with juicy fresh blueberries, learn how to make these Homemade Bakery Blueberry Muffins and enjoy them for breakfast, dessert, or as a sweet snack.

Get the full recipe from The Forked Spoon

A chocolate chip muffin broken in half on a white plate, surrounded by more whole muffins and scattered chocolate chips on a white marble surface.

                             Photo: lovefromthetable

Bakery-style chocolate chip muffins are a delicious and indulgent treat. These are simply the best chocolate chip muffins!

With a soft and tender buttermilk muffin base dotted with mini chocolate chips, these simple homemade muffins are even better than your favorite bakery.

Get the full recipe from Love From The Table

A collage image featuring various types of muffins, with the text "35 Bakery Style Muffin Recipes" in the center. The muffins displayed include those with icing, chocolate swirls, and nut toppings.
A cooling rack holds twelve freshly baked blueberry muffins, each in a decorative blue paper liner. The muffins are golden brown with visible blueberries.

                                           Photo: thecookinchicks

These incredible bakery styles Blueberry Muffins are moist, sweet, and bursting with juicy blueberries. You’ll never need another blueberry muffin recipe!

The best part about muffins is they are perfect for just about any occasion. Vanilla Extract- helps give these muffins that bakery-style flavoring

Get the full recipe from The Cookin Chicks

Four almond-topped muffins with glaze sit on a wire cooling rack, surrounded by almond slices, poppy seeds, and two jars of milk.

                            Photo: brokenovenbaking

These glazed Almond Poppy Seed Muffins are fluffy, moist, and topped with sliced almonds! 

You can make these bakery-style muffins in no time in the comfort of your home. The almond flavor is delicious and will make your kitchen smell amazing!

Get the full recipe from Broken Oven Baking

A partially eaten muffin sits in an unwrapped paper liner on a light surface, surrounded by holiday-themed gingerbread cookies and a festive mug of milk in the background.

                               Photo: brokenovenbaking

These easy Gingerbread Muffins are like the holidays baked into a treat in under 30 minutes! 

They’re filled with warm spices and molasses, topped with a sprinkle of coarse sugar, and are so fluffy and moist.

Get the full recipe from Broken Oven Baking

Four freshly baked muffins in white paper liners are placed on a white cloth.

                                              Photo: twopinkpeonies

These Jumbo Banana Muffins are delicious, bakery-style muffins. They are SO easy to make and smell amazing while they bake!

They are a delicious bakery-style banana muffin and best of all they are super easy to make too.

Get the full recipe from Two Pink Peonies

A plate of glazed cranberry muffins with a close-up of one muffin on a smaller plate, partially eaten, surrounded by fresh cranberries.

                            Photo: strengthandsunshine

These Gluten-Free Cranberry Orange Muffins are super moist, bright, and flavorful! Soft, fluffy, and super moist, these tangy, zesty muffins are winter breakfast perfection!

No oil or butter is needed, these healthy bakery-style muffins are way better than anything you’ll find at Starbucks, Panera, or the (Canadian) McDonald’s.

Get the full recipe from strength and sunshine

Muffins with raspberry fillings in a baking tray and on a plate, accompanied by a small bowl of sugar and a purple cloth on a white marble surface.

                           Photo: kitchenserf

White chocolate raspberry muffins are the perfect blend of tart raspberries and creamy, sweet white chocolate. These are moist, fluffy, bakery-style muffins.

Uses frozen raspberries so you can make them whenever. Raspberry chocolate is one of the culinary world’s greatest flavor combinations.

Get the full recipe from Kitchen Serf

A muffin tray with six crumb-topped muffins, some sprinkled with powdered sugar, surrounded by small pumpkins, a jar of brown sugar, cinnamon sticks, and a striped orange and white cloth.

                              Photo: saladssoupsandsweets

It’s the time of year when I want to get into the kitchen and make everything pumpkin. And this includes my Panera Bread Pumpkin Muffin Recipe.

Bakery-Style, but at home! With this recipe, you can make Panera pumpkin muffins, or at least something VERY close, from the comfort of your kitchen!

Get the full recipe from Salads Soups And Sweets              

A close-up of a blueberry muffin with more muffins and loose blueberries visible in the background on a light-colored surface.

                                               Photo: homanathome

Blueberry muffins are the perfect addition to any breakfast or brunch. Frozen blueberries work well if you’re on a budget, and adding sour cream to the batter yields a muffin that practically melts in your mouth.

Giant, moist bakery blueberry muffins with caramelized streusel and juicy berries are my favorite. I’m a total sucker for them.

Get the full recipe from Homan At Home


                              Photo: dollopofdough

These small-batch banana muffins are moist, fluffy, and flavorful! They make the perfect light breakfast or snack. 

This recipe makes 6 bakery-style muffins and is a great way to use that one lone brown banana sitting on your counter.

Get the full recipe from Dollop Of Dough 

Two blackberry muffins on a cooling rack with a plate of blackberries and a purple cloth in the background.

                                            Photo: livetosweet

These Blackberry Buttermilk Muffins are simple, but they’re also soft, fluffy, and taste amazing!

These Blackberry Buttermilk Muffins are soft, moist bakery-style buttermilk muffins that are bursting with fresh blackberries!

Get the full recipe from Live To Sweet

A plate of four muffins with a crumb topping and drizzle glaze, displayed on a table with a cooling rack and scattered cookies in the background.

                                  Photo: blessthismeal

Moist and indulgent Oreo muffins are full of Oreo cookies from the inside out. Each is topped with Oreo cookie crumbs and a sweet glaze. 

They’re easy to make and will satisfy your sweet tooth. You can expect bakery-style muffins that are tall and fluffy. Everyone will be wondering how you did it.

Get the full recipe from Bless This Meal

A close-up of blueberry muffins. One muffin is broken in half, showing a soft, moist interior with visible blueberries and melted butter. A wooden spreader with butter is nearby.

                           Photo: thecozyplum

These fluffy, easy Jumbo Blueberry Muffins are just like the kind you’d find at a bakery! It’s a coffee shop muffin in the comfort of your own home, and they’ll be on your table (read: mouth) from start to finish in 30 minutes.

Giant, super moist, and packed with blueberries, these muffins get topped with sparkling coarse sugar for an extra crunchy muffin top.

Get the full recipe from The Cozy Plum

A close-up of a blueberry muffin on parchment paper, with a few scattered blueberries. Other muffins are blurred in the background.

                          Photo: myquietkitchen

Soft and fluffy vegan blueberry muffins…with muffin tops! If you’re craving a classic, bakery-style vegan blueberry muffin, this is the recipe for you. 

Makes 6 jumbo muffins or 14 standard sizes. Only 11 ingredients and 35 minutes to make a batch.

Get the full recipe from My Quiet Kitchen

A wooden surface with seven freshly baked blueberry muffins, scattered blueberries, a muffin partially unwrapped, and a checkered cloth.

                          Photo: britneybreaksbread

Bakery Style Blueberry Muffins are easy to make and taste just like the muffins you buy at the bakery – except better! They’re delicious, soft, and sweet! 

Muffins are awesome, don’t stop here! Try these Corn Muffins with Cinnamon Maple Butter and Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins too! Bring the bakery to your kitchen!

Get the full recipe from Britney Breaks Bread

Two blueberry muffins in blue and white checkered paper liners are placed on a white plate. Blueberries and a blue checkered napkin are scattered around the plate.

                          Photo: inspirationformoms

This is our favorite quick and easy blueberry muffins recipe! They are soft, moist, and loaded with a ton of fresh, juicy blueberries. 

Topped with a cinnamon turbinado sugar streusel to give it the iconic bakery-style touch. So easily prepared with just a couple of mixing bowls (no hand mixer required!) and some staple kitchen ingredients, you are gonna love every bite of this recipe!

Get the full recipe from Inspiration For Moms

Close-up of blueberry muffins with a crumb topping, cooling on a wire rack.

                          Photo: chewoutloud

These blueberry muffins are reminiscent of the beautiful muffins you’d find at your favorite bakery. 

They’re extra moist and loaded with blueberries. Bonus: buttery, crisp streusel is involved.

Get the full recipe from Chew Out Loud

Two raspberry and white chocolate muffins are stacked on a white surface, with a few raspberries and white chocolate pieces scattered beside them.

                              Photo: bakedbyclo

These vegan white chocolate raspberry muffins are fluffy, moist, and perfectly sweet. An easy, beginner-friendly recipe for a bakery-style treat that everyone will enjoy.

the muffins are much taller and prettier (instead of short and wide). What a difference it has made!

Get the full recipe from  Baked By Clo

Six freshly baked muffins with chocolate chunks, one of them cut in half to show the texture inside, arranged in a muffin tin.

                          Photo: quietbakingday

Who says you can’t have chocolate for breakfast? Try these bakery-style chocolate and orange muffins for the best of both worlds – chocolate and fruit! 

With a soft and fluffy muffin base and no mixer required, you’ll be making these every weekend!

Get the full recipe from Quiet Baking Day

A crumb-topped muffin is partially unwrapped on a white plate, with more similar muffins displayed on a round white dish in the background.

                          Photo: smalltownwoman

Bring spring in early with these homemade bakery-style strawberry muffins made with fresh strawberries, cinnamon, buttermilk, vanilla, and a streusel crumb topping. 

These freezer-friendly on-the-go muffins will keep things moving in the morning. Serve them with a hot pot of coffee and enjoy a few moments of pure delight.

Get the full recipe from Small Town Woman

Lemon poppy seed muffins with icing drizzle sit on a cooling rack, with one muffin shown partially eaten in the foreground.

                          Photo: smalltownwoman

Quick and easy Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins with fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, sour cream, and poppy seeds. Make these moist and flavorful muffins for your morning coffee or evening dessert. These bakery-style muffins are drizzled with a simple two-ingredient lemon glaze. They stay fresh for days, and they freeze and thaw like they are fresh out of the oven.

Get the full recipe from Small Town Woman

Bakery Style Muffins FAQs

What makes bakery-style muffins different from regular muffins?

They’re all about indulgence! Bakery-style muffins embrace full-fat flavors, generous mix-ins, and perfectly moist textures. Think fluffy clouds packed with juicy berries, melty chocolate chunks, and warm spices – a far cry from dry, generic breakfast bites.

How can I achieve a tall, domed shape in my muffins?

Prepping is crucial! Chill your batter for at least 30 minutes to lock in moisture and promote rising. Fill your muffin cups almost to the brim, and remember the tips shared above, especially the “empty cup trick” – Fill some extra muffin cups with water and bake them alongside your batter-filled ones. Or place a pan of water on the oven floor during baking. The extra steam creates a humid environment that encourages rising.

Can I make bakery-style muffins healthy-ish?

Absolutely! Substitute some white flour with whole wheat, use Greek yogurt instead of oil, and opt for natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup. Experiment with fruits and vegetables for hidden nutrition, and make sure your mix-ins are portioned generously without going overboard. However, keep in mind that major ingredient substitutions may alter the texture and flavor of the muffins.

I’m a baking beginner. Are bakery-style muffins too difficult?

Not at all! Most of the recipes here are straightforward. Start with classic flavors like blueberry or chocolate chip, and gradually build your confidence to explore exciting combinations. Remember, baking is about fun and enjoying the process!

I’m scared my muffins will be dry and crumbly. Any tips?

Moisture is key! Don’t skimp on the fat – use real butter, and full-fat milk, and don’t overmix the batter. Let it rest for a bit to develop gluten and ensure those fluffy rises. Additionally, consider using fresh fruits and vegetables instead of dried ones to add natural moisture.

Final Thoughts:

Bakery-style muffins are more than just breakfast. From classic comfort to playful twists, bakery-style muffins are more than just breakfast – they’re flavorful escapes, shareable moments, and edible hugs in the form of warm, fluffy goodness. There are 35 Bakery style Muffins Recipes in this post, pick your fav and get baking.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Don’t forget to pin this post so that you can bake one (or several!) of these amazing Bakery Style Muffins.


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A collage of various bakery-style muffins, including chocolate chip, lemon poppy seed with glaze, and fruit-filled. Text in the center reads "bakery style muffins" on a yellow background.

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