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17 Of The Best Cake Recipes | We want all the cake!

When you get that craving for something sweet and you know exactly what you want.

Cake! But not just any old cake, right? You want the best cake recipes. Sweet, decadent with just the right amount of frosting. A delicious and moist cake that you could bake for your next event.

Birthdays, anniversaries, new baby, new job, or just because, a homemade cake from scratch makes everyone feel cozy. But not just any old cake. You want the best cake recipes right?

Chocolate cake, lemon cake, strawberry pound cake, applesauce cake, french apple cake are just a few of the deliciously decadent cakes we’ve collected for you to enjoy!

Every recipe has tips and ideas to help you bake the best cake ever, even if you’ve never baked before! We include special products too to make the whole experience as fun and easy as possible.

Enjoy. xo

two little girls feeding each other cake

17 of The Best Cake Recipes (Easy, Homemade & Perfect for Celebrations!)

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image of slices of lemon loaf cake and text plus small graphic of birthday cake

We all love EASY right?

These recipes will put a smile on everyone's faces!

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