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Summer Hygge? You can create a little hygge magic!

I think summer is the perfect time of year to embrace Hygge, the Danish concept of being cozy. The Danes say loosely translated hygge means being happy or cozy. For sure Hygge is better.   

Sounds a little awkward when you say out loud right? Hygge (hoo-gah). That’s right, you’ve got it! What it’s all about really, is I want to show you how Hygge can improve your daily life.

It really can.

We recently explored how Hygge in Spring could be pretty amazing too, especially around the Spring equinox, when the earth is waking up after a long winter’s sleep.

Like stopping by the local market to pick up a fresh bouquet of springtime flowers! Our 7 Day Hygge Challenge is really popular!

two beach chairs on the sand with ocean in front beach toys in background text says have a cozy hygge summer

And to help you plan a little magic with your friends and family, we created this free printable! A sweet little Hygge Planner just for you!


tower of stones on a rocky beach with the text your hygge planner download now!


I like to think of hygge and mindfulness like Siamese twins.  Joined together, but each having its own identity.  

Living Hygge is the joy you feel at the simplicity of the experience, while mindfulness is checking in with your inner simplicity – what’s going on and just what am I feeling?

woman wearing hoodie with hygge printed on it

Our Scandi Hoodie will keep you cozy…

Some summer hygge experiences include:

  • Seeing the joy on your child’s face when he actually hits the baseball with his bat.
  • Camping under the stars and watching the amazing beauty of the night sky.
  • Biting into a big juicy slice of watermelon at your weekend BBQ party.

And while hygge has become a popular winter concept for cozy blankets, candles and a décor style, it’s not about the things, but all about the feels…

So what does summertime cozy-ness mean to you?  Cause that’s really a rough translation of hygge, you know.

How To enjoy Hygge in Summer?

Here’s a checklist of fun things that will help you get some hygge into your summer, and that we’ve put together just for you.


That’s on top of everyone’s list I’m sure.  A summer cottage, visiting Grandma, driving across the country in search of the best summer festivals.  Camping is always jam packed with adventures for young and old alike.

We love camping so much we decided to live in our RV full time!   And full time RV life has its perks! Campfires, toasting marshmallows, and making s’mores are regular events at our trailer site.

There is a sign in the park that been’s hand written on an old board that says:

Sit around the campfire
Make S’mores
Sing Songs
Make More S’mores
Go Fishing
Make Memories

Kind of says it all doesn’t it?

campfire in the background large pink heart with the text "Sit around the campfire
Make S'mores
Sing Songs
Make More S'mores
Go Fishing
Make Memories"

Potlucks & BBQs

Summer hygge includes getting together with friends and family for Potlucks and BBQs to celebrate milestones, national holidays like the Fourth of July or Canada Day.  Go to at least one BBQ or host a potluck to share food, laughter and friendship.  Take a juicy cherry pie to your next potluck and make new friends.

Take a Nap

A lazy summer afternoon deserves a nap.  And I can’t think of a better place than a hammock underneath a huge shade tree, for some ZzzzzZzzzz….. A big hammock means there is room for two.  Now that’s cozy.

Exercise your Green Thumb

For some, an afternoon of gardening brings it own special joy and happiness.

Summer Reading List

After working all afternoon doing yard work, a refreshing dip in the pool or lake nearby, and once you’ve cooled off, grab that bestseller off the top of your book list and tuck in.  Think about your self care and how good it will make you feel!

Be a Kid Again

If the kids are cranky, gather them up and find the neighborhood ice cream truck!  Remember that sound?  Ice cream cones on a hot day, are the absolute best, when the ice cream melts so fast you can’t keep up!

Summer Festivals & Tours

Have you ever taken a Butter Tart Tour?  Yes there really is such a thing.  Butter tarts that having ooey gooey syrupy centers, running up your arm after the first bite.  I do make a mean butter tart, I must say.  It’s a tradition in our family.

Be a Sports Fan

Pack some snacks and drinks and head out to the neighborhood baseball field to watch your kids (or grandkids) play ball.  It just makes you feel so darn good inside!  So much cheaper than a major league game, and oh so satisfying….think of all those pics for sharing!

Give back to someone

Taking the time to visit one of your elders, and if possible, getting them outside to enjoy a lovely garden, or breezes by the lake.  Many retirement homes and hospitals have volunteer programs for this.  Time well spent.

Make time for you

Waking up really, really early in the morning, making a cup of coffee, grab your journal and a blanket and head outside to write your Morning pages.  Maybe even catch a sunrise, as its peaking up over the lake, or wherever your special place is.

Watch the world go by…

Spend an afternoon at your local library or favorite book store and stock up on your summer reads.  Dawdle for hours, maybe sit down and check out the best sellers, or just people watch.

Summer nights are special

Catch fireflies at night with the kids and put them in jars.  We don’t often see fireflies in our neck of the woods, but sometimes, on a hot, sultry evening, they appear.

I’ve said before that is why I love the South so much, especially the Carolinas.

Be a Storm Watcher

My first memory of watching thunderstorms was as a young girl, sitting with my cousins in their front porch.

Seeing the lightning zigzag across the sky, followed by the big boom that would make us squeal with delight.

I have never lost my enjoyment of watching them, from a safe distance of course.

Are you ready to get your summer hygge on?

Here is your very own Hygge Planner Printable that you can fill in, download and create some magic.

tower of stones on a rocky beach with the text your hygge planner download now!

Have a perfect hygge summer!

family at the beach, shows waves crashing at shore, mom, dad and small girl in the middle all holding hands


Your Hygge Planner!

Create your own hygge magic with this printable planner!

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