Is Cool Whip Gluten Free?

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Is Cool Whip gluten free? Good question! Let’s explore so that you have all of the information you need to make a choice when it comes to this popular frozen whipped topping. 

The good news is that Cool Whip doesn’t have any gluten ingredients. If you have gluten intolerance (like me!) or celiac disease and must avoid gluten, then Cool Whip may be an option for you. But please check with your medical practitioner before you do. 

Cool Whip has been around for many years. Like it or love it, it’s been the go to recipe ingredient for many summer desserts and we have several here on Pie Lady Bakes!

Some of my favorite desserts include a tub of cool whip.  Add some yummy fresh fruit and other easy to find ingredients and you can feed a crowd at your next potluck.

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What is Cool Whip?

Cool Whip was created by Kraft Foods in 1966 so certainly qualified as a mid century food invention.  Created for American housewives as a convenience food, it became a popular substitute for whipped cream and a generous dollop of cool whip can be enjoyed on everything from pumpkin pie and chocolate pudding to the creation of ambrosia salad.

Many popular recipes were created with Cool Whip in mind. No bake cheesecakes that combine cool whip and cream cheese became very popular.  Cool whip provides a creamy texture to many recipes that are no-bake. 

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And what could be easier. Found in the frozen food section of your favorite local grocery store, you just keep it in the freezer until needed. Set the unopened container on the counter and after a quick thaw and you’re all set. With a resealable lid it can be kept in the refrigerator for a few more days. 

This was the timeline when we were introduced to Pringles potato chips, Pop tarts, Sprite and lots and lots of kid’s cereals. Convenience foods were the trend and the easier the better!

What are the main ingredients in Cool Whip?

Kraft cool whip products come in a variety of types. There is the original cool whip, cool whip lite and cool whip fat free.  The ingredients label for the traditional cool whip lists the following:

  • artificial flavor
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • guar gums
  • hydrogenated vegetable oil
  • skim milk
  • sorbitan monostearate
  • palm kernel oils
  • sodium caseinate
  • beta carotene
  • sodium polyphosphate

Not a great list right? This is where we need to make a decision. Do we stick to convenience or can we still get that creamy addition with healthier alternatives. .  These ingredients give the product a longer shelf life too. Remember that Cool Whip was developed inthe 1960s when artificial sweeteners were very popular. 

Is Cool Whip Non Dairy?

Cool Whip is not non dairy. If you are dairy sensitivite or have dairy allergies, then cool whip or recipes that include cool whip aren’t for you. 

Is Cool Whip a Lactose Free Option? 

No Cool Whip is not lactose free.  It contains skim milk and other milk products.

Is Cool Whip Vegan? 

Cool Whip is not vegan, but check out the cream based toppings listed below that are a safe option for vegans that don’t contain either dairy products or have gluten-containing ingredients. 

I don’t like all the ingredients in commercial cool whip. Are there other products I can buy?

There are a lot of substitutes that I’ve found that will definitely take the place of cool whip, and are a great way to get the flavor of real whipped cream without the food additives or dairy.  There are lots of cocout based whipping cream products on the market. Some of them include:


Is Walmart brand Cool Whip gluten-free?

Yes, Walmart brand or most other store brands are gluten free but double check the ingredients.

Is Great Value Cool Whip gluten-free?

Yes the manufacturer of this product states that their frozen dessert topping is also gluten free

Does Kraft Cool Whip have gluten?

Yes Kraft Cool Whip – the original frozen whipped cream substitute is gluten free.

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What was my inspiration to write this post? We have several recipes on the blog that use cool whip as one of the main ingredients. Now that I’ve discovered some great gluten free and dairy-free alternatives, I’m looking forward to making these recipes again! 


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