S’mores Rice Krispie Treats 


With just about thirty minutes of prep time and only four simple ingredients, you can whip up this gooey, delicious S’mores Rice Krispie Treats recipe in no time.


• Lightly Crushed Graham Crackers • Rice Cereal • Marshmallows • Mini Marshmallows • Butter • Chocolate Chips • Hershey Bar


Mix the rice cereal and most of the crushed graham crackers together. Save the larger broken pieces to decorate the top.


Broil the mini marshmallows for a minute or two. Then melt the butter and add in the large marshmallows, stir until completely smooth and melted.


Pour the melted marshmallows onto the rice krispies, add toasted marshmallows in too. Mix well, then spread the mixture into a greased baking pan.


Sprinkle with chocolate chips and place in the warm oven for 20 seconds to melt the chocolate. Spread evenly and scatter the remaining marshmallows on top.


Broil until it is lightly toasted. Arrange the Hershey bars on top and scatter the remaining crushed graham crackers. Cut into bars when cool.

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